Your strategy, our strategy

We participate in our clients’ strategies to bring the greatest value to their B2B technological ecosystem. 



We create synergies between B2B technological sector agents

Currently great opportunities exist to generate increased value between different agents in the B2B technological ecosystem.

3WM, through our extensive experience in the sector, has the capacity to identify and realise synergies that add value to the business of each of our agents.


Your growth is our strategy

Investment funds

3WM participates in the strategy and operation of technological funds whose vocation is to invest in the B2B technological ecosystem.

– Definition of Fund strategy, both in the definition of its size, expected returns, general metrics and the definition of the investment product.

Portfolio operational management. Identification of products, operational follow-up of the evolution of investments and the integral management of the investment and subsequent disinvestments of holdings.

Tech Corporate

We are involved in the growth of Corporate Tech, fostering strategic business vision in the commitment to technological growth and streamlining investments during the different Build-up phases.

– Definition and operational implementation of sustainable organic growth strategies, in agreement with the company’s growth strategy.

– Definition and operational implementation of inorganic growth strategies, oriented towards the partial or total acquisition of emerging tech companies. 

– Definition of the intra-entrepreneurship model  of the company.


We work closely with Startups, collaborating in decisions of high-impact that can complement their capacities and add value to their B2B tech ecosystems.

Attract funding  to accelerate growth and comply with designed “Business Plan”

Backing to ensure growth leverage identified in the “Business Plan” from the Operational, Organizational and Commercial management perspective.


We provide the vision of long-term growth


We collaborate to define the course of our clients, making decisions that impact the business with a view of the future. We DO NOT work on extensive projects of consultancy analysis.


Our value lies in our Expertise, our diverse team of B2B technological ecosystem executives with general profiles and complementary qualifications. We DO NOT have technical profiles.


In line with our long-term collaborative philosophy and involvement in the strategy of our clients, we work with fees based on Success Fee formats (interest in assets, carry, fees based on growth). We earn when our clients earn.


For each workstream we work with few clients. This gives our clients guaranteed exclusivity as well as commitment and excellence in the service that we provide.


We provide our services to the strategies of


Growing together


Our clients are our best introduction


Experience in B2B technology services

Germán Cutillas

CEO & Founder

Jon Totorika

Business Strategy Director

Javier Bordonada

Tech. Corporate and Startup Director

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